Best Brand Of Water Purifier In India

As the pollution is rising, the need for a good quality water purifier has also increased. Now you can’t consume regular tap water as it comes filled with chemical bleaches. However, these chemicals are used to eliminate microbes, but they also degrade the taste. Water purifiers do not only kill harmful bacteria and preserve the water minerals but it also improves the water taste.

Best Brand Of Water Purifier

Overall a water purifier is a good investment but you should make sure that it’s coming from a reliable brand. So to help you get a worthy product, here we have mentioned the best brands of water purifiers currently available in the market.

1- Havells RO Purifier

Havells has a great reputation in the electronics market and their products are used by millions of people across the globe. From fans, ACs, to modular switches, they provide a wide range of appliances. They don’t compromise on the quality sector and a water purifier is no exception. Due to their advanced technology and responsive customer service, they have gained a huge following.

Havells offers both RO and UV based purifiers, so you could choose as per your requirements. Not only the quality, but Havells also makes sure that their customers get the best thing at a reasonable price. Havells Max Alkaline and Havells Max are some of their best-selling models.

2- LG Purifiers

LG has been serving people and proving high-quality appliances for decades. This brand was established back in 1958 and since then, they have maintained their quality standards. Along with water purifiers, LG manufactures various electronic items. The great thing about LG’s water purifiers is that they are built with stainless steel, which reduces the growth of E.Coli by 94.4%.

This makes them safer from water purifiers that are equipped with plastic tanks. However, LG products are slightly priced higher but the quality makes them worth every penny.

3- Kent Purifiers

Kent is one of those brands that are highly trusted by Indian demographics. All the water purifiers it offers are made of A-grade materials, which is the main reason why people love this brand so much. Kent provides advanced technology in their purifiers and they also put a considerable amount of time to design their models.

They offer water purifiers with RF, UV, and RO purification processes, and to keep their customers satisfied, they also provide warranty plans. Some of Kent’s best-selling models are Kent Ace Mineral and Kent Grand Plus.

4- A.O Smith

A.O Smith is a renowned brand for providing excellent water heaters but in recent years, they have also received great appreciation for their water purifiers. This company has multiple series of water purifiers, which include i-series, Z-series, and X-series.

A.O Smith incorporates various purification techniques such as RO, UV, and ART in their water purifiers and they also give you options to choose from manual and electrical type dispensers. All their units provide a supply of ambient, hot water and they also offer a mineralizer, so you could get healthy and clean water.

5- Eureka Purifiers

Eureka is another great brand that has maintained a good position in the market for many years. Their exceptional service and product quality set them apart from other brands. All the water purifiers they offer are well-built and feature an elegant design.

Equipped with advanced features and technology, Eureka water purifiers are made to serve customers in the best possible way. Be it tankers, bore-wells, water purifiers by Eureka are made to treat all kinds of water. Eureka Smart Plus and Aquasure are some of the most popular water purifiers.

6- Pureit

If you are in the market for a reliable water purifier at a budget-friendly cost, then you consider Pureit products. This is a very popular brand in India, which is known for providing water purifier with advanced technologies like Oxytube, RO, MF, etc. This ensures a pollutant-free, healthy supply of water. One great thing about Pureit is that it also offers non-electric water purifiers.

These units don’t require any installation, simply place and load them with water one-time and enjoy fresh water all day long. Some of the best water purifiers by Pureit are Pureit Ultima and Pureit Advanced HUL.

7- Livpure

Livpure comes under the category of most trusted water purifier manufacturers. All the products by Livpure are highly durable and you can easily get them without breaking the bank. This brand offers various types of water purifiers ranging from under the sink to the table top and mounting. Livpure incorporates 8 level filtration along with advanced purification techniques like UF, UV, RO, etc.

To make taste better, Livpure also provides features like mineralizer, taster enhancer, antioxidant, etc. If you talk about the best Livpure models, then we would recommend Livpure Glo and Glo 7.

8- Tata

For people who prefer buying Indian products, then you should consider water purifiers by Tata. This is one of the top Indian brands that manufacture various types of products, including automobiles, groceries, appliances, etc. Establishes in 1868, Tata has been ruling the Indian market with its excellent quality and service. Tata offers water purifiers for both small and large-sized families.

Their units come with 4 levels of filtration and they also provide you the option to choose from electric and non-electric variants. Equipped with UF and UV technology, the Tata water purifier ensures a healthy and taste supply of water. However, Tata offers various models in different price ranges but Tata Ultima, Swach, and Viva Silver are some of the best-selling models.

9- Blue Star

Blue Star has been in the market for many years. From ACs to refrigerators, this brand makes sure that consumers get the best deal. Just like their other products, water purifiers have also received a great response from the Indian audience. Not only the quality but affordability is the main reason why people love this brand. All the water purifiers by Blue Star come with Immuno Boost Technology.

This mechanism infuses water with alkaline and antioxidant, making water healthier. Blue Star offers water purifiers with various technology like UF, UV, mineralizer, etc. So you could choose the desired one. Coming to their best models, people have given great reviews to the Blue Star Majestor Eleanor.


To keep your family safe from water-borne diseases, you must install a water purifier at your home. It will provide a healthy supply of water while preserving healthy minerals. All the brands mentioned above are reliable and trusted, so you can be sure that you will get a durable product.

Apart from this, they also provide a warranty on their products, which means you could easily contact them for any issues and problems. The only suggestion is that you should research well before making any decision.

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