Best Non-Electric Water Purifier To Buy In 2022 [REVIEWED]

Water purifiers are the need of this hour. With the highly contaminated water, drinking it from the Municipality tap water is nothing but dangerous. So, it’s very essential to get the best water purifier. Well, there are some advanced water purifiers like the RO and UV based ones.

Best Non-Electric Water Purifier

But they are expensive and may not suit everyone. Plus, the taste of water decreases due to the excess filtration and addition of the minerals. Also, the RO+UV water purifiers in India work on electricity. So in the remote areas, where there is no constant supply of electricity, it’s not useful at all. 

Best Non-Electric Water Purifier

Best Non-Electric Water Purifier India + Reviews

1) TATA Swach Stainless Steel Water Purifier

TATA SWATCH Stainless Steel Water Purifier

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The Tata Swach Stainless Steel Water Purifier is the most basic yet the most popular type of water purifier that you can find in Indian households. This water purifier is the most popular in Indian villages and small towns. With the simple tower design, where the upper part is the filtering section and the lower part is the water storage and dispensing section, it suits the requirements of all the Indian households. To filter the water, it comes with a futuristic design water filter, which has a proper filtering system. 

With the removable filter, you can ensure pure water anytime. According to the testings, it removes more than 99% of the virus, bacterias, cysts, and dirt from the water and makes it drinkable. With the 10 Litres of storage, it’s very convenient for any small Indian house. The best thing we found about this product is that it comes with non-chemical based water purification. It’s one of the safest types of water purifiers that you can find in the Indian market. 

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Durable Filter
  • Works at 1500PPM
  • Gravity Based Filtering
  • No Use of Chemicals
  • Require frequent Filter change

2) TATA Swach Plastic Water Purifier

Tata Swach Non Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

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This is another interesting product from TATA. It’s a TATA Swach Non-Electric Water Purifier with plastic construction. Even though it’s made with plastic, it’s not of cheap quality and rather feels sturdy. With the transparent body, we can see the water filtration process. This is a gravity-based water purifier, so there is no requirement for electricity. The long-life cartridge comes with prebuilt batteries, which power the internal filter light, which is useful in killing the virus and bacterias.

With the help of the long-life filter, you can easily get purifier water for your home or office. The best thing about this product is that the cartridge runs for filtering the 1500 liters of water. The overall storage capacity is 15 liters, which is quite good. It’s a great option for those who are willing to get a small yet efficient water purifier for their home usage. 

  • High-quality Plastic Construction
  • Internal Light Filter
  • No Use of Chemicals
  • 15 liters Storage Capacity
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridge
  • Low Filtering Capacity of Cartridge
  • Water Leaking Issues Reported 

3) NEXQUA Dew Non-Electric Water Purifier

NEXQUA Dew Non-Electric Ultra Filtration (UF) Based Gravity Water Filter and Purifier With 14 Litre (7+7 Litre Combined) Storage and Plastic Tap (UF Gravity)

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If you want to have the advanced water filtration technology combined with the Non-electric water purifier, then you have the NEXQUA Dew Non-electric water purifier, that suits all you need. It comes with Ultra Filtration technology, which is highly efficient in filtering the water. With the hollow membrane UF filter, this purifier filters the water on gravity-based operations. 

On the upper side, you put the water, and in the bottom contain, you can access the fully filtered pure water. The storage tank has a capacity of 14 liters, which is quite good for any Indian household. It’s made with plastic, so there is a chance of it getting cracked in the transportation. So, you have to be careful about the same. Otherwise, it’s a great product that suitable for every Indian household. 

  • Ultra Filtration technology
  • 14 Litres Storage Capacity
  • Gravity-Based Operations
  • Fast Filtration rate
  • Chemical-Free Filtration 
  • Cheap Quality Plastic Construction


Seems like TATA is dominating the Indian non-electric water purifier market. This time, we have the Tata Swach Cristella Plus Non-Electric water purifier. It’s regarded as one of the best water purifiers in India and is very popular amongst the people. It comes with the Silver Nanofiltration technology, which is quite unique. It has a small bulb, which kills the bacterias, and germs with ease. The bulb filtration cartridge is quite effective in removing harmful bacterias. 

The life of the cartridge is more than 3,000 litres. The cartridge is visible from the outside and you can spot the red light indicator, which indicates the time to replace the cartridge. With the durable plastic construction, it’s a sturdy product that requires no installation whatsoever. As this is the plastic construction, you have to handle it carefully otherwise you may experience water leakage. 

  • Silver Nano Filtration Technology
  • Filter with the Replace Indicator
  • Replaceable Silver Nano Filter
  • 18 Litre Storage Capacity
  • Chemical-Free Filtering 
  • Small Lifespan of the filter
  • Low-Quality Plastic Construction

5) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aayush Water purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aayush 22-Litre Water Purifier, Green

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Eureka Forbes is one of the most popular companies that manufacture high-quality water purifiers. The Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aayush is one of the most effective non-electric water purifiers in India. It comes with a special Carbon Block filter, which is suitable for filtering all types of bacterias and viruses. The carbon filter is quite effective and has a long life. The purification capacity of this filter is 4000 Litres, which is quite high. 

Not just that, it comes with the food-grade plastic body. The body is transparent and is made with good quality plastic. The bottom tank has a huge storage capacity of 22 Litres, which is quite good compared to the other products. According to the customer review, the water filtration speed is also quite great, which makes it one of the best non-electric water purifiers in India. 

  • Carbon Block Filter
  • 4000 Litres Filter Life
  • Transparent Plastic Body
  • 22 Litres Storage Capacity
  • Good Filtration Rate
  • Replacement Filter not Readily available

6) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Xtra TUFF Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff Water Purifier - 15L

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This is the second product from the Eureka Forbes Aquasure lineup. The Aquaguard Xtra Tuff is a plastic body non-electric water purifier, which works great for filtering the water for small households or even offices. Just like the Aquaguard Aayush, it comes with the Carbon Block filter, which is quite effective in filtering the dirt, cysts, bacterias, and viruses. The only issue with this product is that it doesn’t come with the free filter cartridge and you have to buy them separately from the market. 

The filtration rate is quite effective, but it only works with the water up to 300PPM TDS levels. It’s not efficient filtering the groundwater, which has high TDS levels. The filter is replaceable at 4000 litres, which is quite great. For the storage, it has the 14 litres of space, with the Bulb technology, which prevents the overflow. All-in-Al, it’s a great starter non-electric water purifier for the individuals or nuclear families. 

  • Carbon Block Filter
  • Effective Filtration Rate
  • 300PPM TDS capacity
  • 14 Litres of storage
  • No Free Filter Provided

7) PRESTIGE Copper Tattva 2.0 Water Purifier

PRESTIGE Water Purifiers Copper Tattva 2.0

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If you want to embrace the benefits of copper charged water, then the PRESTIGE Copper Tattva 2.0 water purifier is the best option for your needs. The PRESTIGE Copper Tattva 2.0 comes with a Copper base storage tank, which charges the water and kills the bacteria. With the ayurvedic benefits, the Copper charges the water and makes it easy to drink, and improves digestion. 

This product comes with the three-stage filtration system, which is quite efficient. With the three-stage filtration, the dirt, cysts, bacterias and viruses are filtered with ease. The advanced FACT filter is very efficient and has a high filtration rate. The storage copper tank comes with overflow protection, which is quite useful for preventing water spillage. With the storage capacity of 16 litres, you can store a lot of water for daily use. 

  • Copper Base
  • Three-Stage Filtration
  • Chemical Free Filtering
  • Overflow Protection
  • Replaceable FACT filter 
  • Requires Installation of the loose parts

8) Crystal WF-002B Water Purifier

Crystal WF-002B Water Filter - 24L

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If you prefer the traditional ceramic-based water filters, then the Crystal WF-002B Non-electric water purifier is one of the best products on the market. It comes with a triple filter system, which effectively clears all the dirt, bacterias, and viruses with ease. Three ceramic microporous candles make it easy for the water to flow through and also the bacterias get trapped in the pores. 

Be it the algae, parasites, bacterias or anything, this water filter cleans everything and provides you with pure drinkable water for a long time. As it uses the Microporous ceramic candles, it’s one of the best budget-friendly water purifiers in India. The candles are replaceable and also washable. So, if they get clogged, you can easily wash them to remove the dirt manually and use them again. It’s one of the best non-electric water purifiers for heavy water with high TDS. 

  • Triple Candle Purification
  • Formulated Ceramic Micro-porous filter
  • Replaceable and washable filter candle
  • Chemical Free Filtering
  • 24 Litres Storage capacity
  • Slow Purification rate
  • Requires Manual Installation of candles

9) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Amrit

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier - 20L

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If you prefer quality over the pricing, then the Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit will help you to enjoy crystal clear water with ease. The Aquaguard Amrit non-electric water purifier works very well with the municipal water taps, which provide water up to 300 TDS. With the excellent water purification method, it provides clean and drinkable water by removing the dirt, bacterias, and viruses. It comes with the Chemical-Free Positive charge technology for filtering the water. 

The cartridge attracts all the viruses and kills them with ease. The lifespan of the cartridge is nearly 1500 litres, which is quite less compared to the other products. But with the superior purification, it’s justified. The 20 Litre storage tank is made with food-grade plastic, which is non-toxic and suitable to use for a long time. 

  • Minimal Installation
  • Lightweight Product
  • Positive Charge Technology for Filtering
  • Three-Stage Purification process
  • Chemical Free Filtering 
  • Water Flow Rate is low
  • Requires Frequent Cartridge Replacement 

10) Kent Gold UF Water Purifier

KENT Gold 20-Litres UF technology based Gravity Water Purifier, White

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Kent manufactures the best-in-class water purifiers in the market. With the RO and UV purifiers, they are topping the market. With the Kent Gold UF water purifier, you can enjoy clean water with a chemical-free processing system. It uses Ultra Filtration technology, which removes the dirt sediments, bacterias, and viruses with ease. Also, the filtration rate is quite impressive, giving you crystal clear water within a few hours. It has nano-silver carbon, which disinfects the water efficiently. 

The approximate life of the UF filter is more than 4000 litres. If the water is clean, then it may last for more than 4,000 litres. With the daily filtering capacity of 120 litres, it suffices the common Indian household with ease. With the minimal installation and the Durable ABS plastic, it’s a great choice for those who want the purifier for household use. 

  • Chemical Free Filtration
  • Ultra Filtration with Nano Silver Carbon
  • 4,000 Litres Filter Lifespan
  • 120 Litres daily Filtration Capacity
  • High-Quality ABS plastic Body
  • No Overflow Protection 

Final Words 

The water purifiers are quite useful in Indian households. There is no guarantee that the water we are getting is clean and pure for drinking. So, as a precaution, we use water purifier devices. With the Non-electric water purifiers in India, we can easily get clean water without any hassles. As the electric RO and UV water purifiers change the taste of the water, they are not suitable for many people.

So for such people, getting the best non-electric water purifier is highly recommended. In this post, we tried our best to list the best gravity-based water purifiers in the market. All you have to do is to check them and choose the best one that suits your needs. Keep visiting our blog to read reviews of different products.

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