Best RO Water Purifier In India To Buy In 2021 [REVIEWED]

Purifying the water and making it suitable for drinking is one of the essential things we have to do. We are not animals, so we cannot drink filthy water to survive. But we need clean and pure water that doesn’t have any contaminants. In a country like India, we don’t have access to fully pure water. Even the government purified water contains some sort of contaminants. To remove them and get the best quality water, we need some good and best RO water purifiers. 

Best RO Water Purifier In India

Best RO Water Purifier 2021 | RO Water Purifiers India

1) Kent Supreme Water Purifier

KENT Supreme 2020 (11111), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water Purifier

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The Kent Water purifiers are out of this world, and with the KENT Supreme Water purifier, you can get all the things that you wanted from a RO water purifier. It’s a great water purifier that comes with Reverse Osmosis purification technology along with the UV and Ultrafiltration. With the triple filtration and TDS control, you are definitely getting the best quality water in the house. The machines come with manual and automatic TDS controls, which means it can adjust the TDS levels as per the needs. 

For those who are concerned. The KENT Supreme water purifier comes with a wall-mountable design. You can easily mount it on the kitchen wall, and it will be convenient for your needs. It requires professional installation help, and the KENT technicians will do the same at your house for free. In short, it’s a great RO water purifier that additionally uses the UV and UF technologies for the safest drinkable water. 

  • RO + UV + UF
  • TDS Control System
  • 20L Per Hour Capacity
  • Automatic Functioning
  • Leakproof design
  • Expensive
  • Wastes impure water


OSEAS is not a well-known brand in the market, but with its high-end products, this company is making its mark in the industry. With the OSEAS Aqua RO + UV + UF water purifier, you are going to get the purest water for regular drinking. It comes with the traditional RO technology, along with the UV and the UF filters. With the trio of these filtration technologies, it becomes easier to get the purified water from the tap. 

It comes with a special copper cartridge that automatically charges the water with the unique benefits of the copper. With the mineralizer, you get the necessary minerals in the drinking water from the OSEAS Aqua water purifier. If your house has low-pressure water, then it comes with a high-quality booster pump, which provides the water to the machine with enough force and gets the job done. It’s a great ad affordable RO water purifier in India that you should install in your house. 

  • RO + UV + UF 
  • 200-2000 TDS Range
  • Copper filtration technology
  • Booster Pump
  • 14L Storage Tank
  • No Free Installation
  • Requires Timely Cartridge Replacement

3) Hydroshell Coppper + Alkaline RO Water Purifier

Hydroshell Copper + Alkaline RO Water Purifier with UV+ UF+ TDS Control Technology Premium Filter for Home Kitchen (Made in India) 12 Liter

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If you are struggling with Alkaline water, then the Hydroshell Copper + Alkaline RO water purifier is the best option for your needs. With the Hydroshell Copper + Alkaline water purifier, you can easily get the heavy groundwater cleaned and ready for consumption. It’s equipped with Reverse Osmosis purification technology. Not just that, it comes with the UV and UF technology for additionally filtering the water. 

For those who are struggling with hard and alkaline water, there is a special RO membrane that filters the hard minerals and makes water drinkable. Once it’s filtered, the machine then uses the special carbon filter to remove the objectionable taste and makes the water tasty. It’s a great product that you should get for your house.

  • UV + UF + RO Filtration
  • Copper Cartridge
  • Filters Alkaline Water
  • TDS Control
  • 25L Per Hour Capacity
  • Requires Frequent Filter Replacement 

4) RK Fresh India Swift Water Purifier

R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift 12ltrs 14Stage Purification (Ro+Ultravoilet+Ultra fileration+Mineral Catridges+Tds Adjuster)With Pre Filter Set

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If you want an advanced water purifier that has multiple purification processes and stages, then the RK Fresh India Swift Water purifier is the best one for your needs. It comes with the special RO + UV + UF and the TDS controller features. With the trip purification, it automatically filters all the harmful bacterias and chemicals that are present in the water. With the powerful booster pump, it pushes the water through the RO membrane, filtering the hard minerals and the contaminants. 

This machine has an LED UV lamp, which cleans the water by killing harmful bacterias and viruses. The UF cartridge then additionally filters the water for removing all the remnants, and you get the purest quality water for daily consumption. The only drawback about this product is that it requires a paid installation service as the company may not provide free installation at your location. Except that, everything is fine and works very well. 

  • UV + UF + RO Filtration
  • TDS controller
  • Booster Pump
  • Bright UV LED Lamp
  • Requires Paid Installation

5) Havells Delite DX RO + UV Water Purifier

Havells Delite DX 100% RO+UV, pH balanced SS Tank Water Purifier

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Havells Delite DX 100% RO + UV water purifier is one of the most expensive and premium water purifiers. This Havells Delite DX water purifier has a stunning design, which is quite suitable for modular kitchens. With this water purifier, you get pure RO and the germicidal UV lamp, which purifies the water effectively. Not just that, the special Stainless Steel tank makes it easy to kill the bacterias in the final stages of purification. 

Using this Havells Delite DX water purifier is good for your health, as it adds minerals and vitamins to the water after filtration. This makes the water good for daily consumption. With the special brass tap, it doesn’t splash the water and provides a dry user experience. In short, it’s a great product for those who have modular kitchens and can afford expensive yet excellent water purifiers for their home. 

  • RO + UV Purification
  • Germproof Stainless Steel Tank
  • Mineralization of Water
  • Splash-proof Brass Tap
  • Transparent Water tank
  • Expensive
  • Tedious Installation Process

6) Nexqua RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

Nexqua RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller Water Purifier (Altis Copper)

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NEXQUA RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier is one of the best purifiers in the market. With the powerful filtration technologies, the filtration is top-notch and removes all the dirt, bacterias, and contaminants from the water effectively. With the high-quality RO membrane and the UF filter, it automatically filters the heavy minerals and dirt particles from the water. Then the UV lamp kills the bacterias to make water drinkable.

With the inbuilt TDS controller, you can adjust the TDs levels by yourself. It supports the purification of water up to 3000 PPM TDS levels. Another interesting thing is that it comes with the Auto-OFF and ON feature, which turns Off the filtration when the machine is not in use. This will help you to save energy and also prevent the tank from overflowing. The 15L tank made with food-grade plastic is enough for any household. It’s a great RO water purifier for those who are low on budget and want some good quality water purifier. 

  • RO + UV + UF Filtration
  • TDS Controller
  • Auto ON and OFF 
  • 15L Storage Tank
  • Active Copper Cartridge
  • Cheap Quality Plastic Construction
  • Requires Frequent Cartridge Replacement

7) AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water Purifier

AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO |10 L|100%RO+SCMT(Silver Charged Membrane Tech.)|Mineraliser Tech.| Water saving| suitable for  more than 200 TDS | Wall mount Water Purifier for home | Touch dispensing

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When it comes to the stunning looking water purifiers, the AO Smith Z9 Green RO Water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India. With the AO Smith Z water purifier, you get RO + SCMT purification. The purification process is of the 8-stages and works very well with the tap water. Also, it works well with the alkaline water from the borewells. AO Smith has patented their special carbon block and the side filters, which remove all the dirt and sediments from the water. Also, the silver activated carbon block, removing the dirt and bacterias, is quite easy for this filter. 

The water purifiers always reject the water after purifying some of it. But with the Advanced Recovery system, the AO Smith Z9 water purifier recovers nearly 9,000 Litres of water every year. If you are facing a water shortage in your area, then this is one of the best water purifiers. It’s a wall-mountable product, so it fits perfectly on your kitchen wall, and you can ask for professional installation help from the AO Smith Technicians. The best thing about this product is that it dispenses hot and cold water with ease. 

  • RO + SCMT Filtration
  • 8-Stage Filtration Process
  • Wall Mountable
  • Hot and Cold Water
  • Advanced Water Recovery System
  • Expensive 
  • Less Storage Capacity

8) Blue Star Excella RO + UF + UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Excella 6 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier, Black, EX5BLAM01

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Blue Star is known for its quality products. The Blue Star Excella RO + UV + UF water purifiers are one of the best in the market. With the triple filtration technology, it becomes easier for household users to get pure water that has no contaminants. It’s a sleek and beautiful looking water purifier that works very well purifying the tap water. With the RO + UF and UV filtration, it removes all the dissolved impurities from the water and kills the bacterias to make water safe from drinking. 

As the three-stage purification may make the water taste-neutral, the advanced taste boosters enhance the taste of the water. With the added minerals and vitamins, it’s rich in nutrients and also tastes very good. The best thing we found about this product is the purification capacity of 285 liters per day. It’s one of the highest capacity RO water purifiers in India. If you have a low budget and still want to get the best water purifier, then this is the right choice for your needs. 

  • Huge Filtration Capacity
  • RO + UF + UV Filtration
  • Mineralization Technology
  • Advanced Taste Boosters
  • Overflow Protection and Indication
  • Less Storage Capacity
  • Noisy Operations 

9) Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze Water Purifier

AquaSure From Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier from Eureka Forbes with 7L Large Tank with water saving (Black)

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Eureka Forbes products are always top-notch, so is the Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze Water purifier. It’s a great water purifier that comes with the RO, UV, and MTDS purification system. With the inbuilt TDS controller, you can adjust the TDS levels of the water from 200-2000 PPM. with advanced water purification; it becomes easier for you to get pure quality water. 

The best thing we found about this product is the Auto-Shut OFF feature. With the auto-shutoff, the machine automatically stops filtering when the storage tank is full. Also, it prevents overflowing and excessive electricity use. This machine has a high rate of throwing the water out. With each liter of water filtered, it throws out the 650ML of water, which is not ideal for consumption but for other uses; if you live in an area where there is a water shortage, then this RO water purifier may not work for your needs. 

  • RO + UV + MTDS
  • TDS Controller
  • Auto Shut OFF
  • Smart LED Indicators 
  • Easy Installation
  • Slow Filtering
  • Cheap Quality Plastic used

10) Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight Water Purifier

AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier from Eureka Forbes with 7L Large Tank|Water saving (White)

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This is another product from Eureka Forbes in this list as they are quite the best ones in the market. With the Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight water purifier, you can get the best quality water to drink on a daily basis. It utilizes the UV + RO + MTDS purification technology, which is quite effective in cleaning the contaminants from the water. This product has an inbuilt TDS controller, which automatically controls the TDS levels of the water. 

Unlike the other water purifiers, this Eureka Forbes Delight Water purifier does not come with a booster pump for low-pressure water intake. Also, it throws out 650ML of water per liter of purified water. In short, it’s not suitable if you are living in an area of water shortage. But for the common households who are getting regular tap water and even the borewell water, this is a great product for purifying the water. 

  • RO + UV + MTDS Purification
  • Auto Shut OFF feature
  • TDS controller system
  • Mineral Cartridge
  • No Booster Pump
  • Throws Out too much water

Final Words

There are many households who are getting sick because of the impure water. With the impure water, the health conditions may worsen, and it’s harmful. That’s why properly purifying the water for regular consumption is highly advised. Fortunately, we do have access to the best RO Water Purifiers in India.

With the advantages of having the RO based water purifier for effective filtering, everyone should get one for clean water. In this post, we tried our best to get the best RO Water purifier in India for household usage. You can check this list and get the best one that suits your budget and the requirements.

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